Best Covid-Safe Christmas Gift Ideas!

Well... December has arrived!!! If you’re anything like me, then you either finish your Holiday shopping by October or don’t get it done until the last second possible... this year is one of those years, especially since I haven’t seen a mall since last Christmas. In addition to regular life stress, 2020 has brought us some added flair to our stressors, so holiday shopping this year will be a mix of being financially conscience and doing our parts to shop local and support all the small vendors in Canada that have been rocked by the pandemic. I’ve put together a list of Covid-Christmas gift ideas which would be great to gift to people without actually having to get together... so we can still keep safe and celebrate this holiday season!

1. Homemade gifts always tug at the heart strings, and this year, if you want to impress your loved ones, but can’t spend too much to do it, homemade coupons are a great option! A decorated series of papers promising to complete a spouse or parent’s most hated tasks (like vacuuming), a full day of baking together, or a promise of letting your loved one pick the next Netflix movie! These are great because you can make the coupons yourself at home or print them online.

2. Scrapbooks are another great way to celebrate memories with someone, these can be made by printing out photos and placing them them to a photobook, or even organize the photos directly from your phone and get them printed and mailed to you. Apps like Chatbooks or websites like Shutterfly are a great option to just drag and drop photos into an already created template.

3. Jewellery, some people just love jewellery, but if you want to add a little bit of meaning to the gift of jewellery, check out a Canadian company like Moon Glow (, once you pick your item, like a bracelet for example, you select a particular date and your bracelet will have a charm of the moon that was shining on that special day, like a wedding date or birth date. This is a particularly sweet gift for a spouse or parent, and they always have deals going on, especially close to Black Friday.

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4. Self made boxes or baskets are a good option if you want to keep costs low and still create something beautiful. If your loved one loves to read, an option may be putting together a box with all they would need for a good reading session, like a great book, cozy socks, a mug, and some hot chocolate mix. Or if they prefer self care-Sundays, maybe getting together a beauty box with some bath bombs, face masks, and a jade roller. All of these individual items can be found from local vendors, and you can order them to your home and put them together lovingly in a box.

5. Subscription boxes are another great idea for someone who loves one particular thing or theme and would love to receive a surprise box of related things for a few months. There are books of the month clubs, wine of the month box sets, as well as even makeup boxes that will be shipped directly to your family member for a specific amount of months that you set out based on your budget. And the best part is, if they love it, they have the option to continue it moving forward!

6. Cookie and donut deliveries, whether homemade or purchased in support of a local baker, are always a well welcomed gift for the holidays. I encourage you all to look on Instagram for your local bakers and see what goodies they have baked up.

7. Charcuterie boards and boxes, these are a relatively new trend, but I am on board. Cheese? Good. Meat? Good. Crackers? Good… plus a bunch of other great food items that complement a good cheese board. These can be a great gift for a picky family member that has everything, but you still want to show them that you’re thinking of them this holiday season! And most curators have different size boxes, that range from personal portions to large family platters.

8. Gift baskets are a fantastic option to get a variety of items in one, like a kitchen basket with kitchen utensils and salt and pepper shakers, or a movie night gift basket that has wine, popcorn, and other movie night snacks. These can be already put together or custom made, all you have do is look up local curators by searching “gift baskets” and your city name on Instagram or Google.

9. Nonna’s Bag, of course, if none of these other options suit your family members, maybe getting them the gift of preparedness is the way to go! Nonna’s Bag has all the items put together for you for any event, travel, and just day-to-day life, it’s the only way to be ready for all of life’s little emergencies!

Hopefully this list of holiday gift suggestions will get you through your Holiday shopping list quickly and safely during this Covid-Christmas year! Always remember to try your best to support local businesses, especially during these trying times. And if you can’t spend too much this year, then remember it’s the thought that counts, that’s what the holiday spirit is all about, sharing with family and celebrating love. Although this year we may not be celebrating with family, depending on the restrictions in your area, you can always share memories over zoom and facetime, and focus on the fact that we will all get through this together!!! Nonna wants you all to stay safe and cozy, and be sure to enjoy the Holiday Season!!!

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