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I think it's obvious to say that in the past year people haven't been doing much traveling, aside from maybe some camping or smaller road trips.

And a lot of people are missing the worriless freedom of just hopping on a plane to their favourite countries and reveling in the cultures of the world.

I, myself, have found myself lately reliving all my travels by looking at the pictures from vacations past. This has gotten me to reminisce about the times that I was fortunately able to get on a plane and just go wherever without fear. Something I look forward to doing again in the near future!!!

I have been so lucky to travel to so many beautiful places, and I would love to share some of my experiences with you all!


The last place I travelled to was Scotland, and what an amazing trip that was! I am a huge history nerd, and I love watching movies and hearing stories about impactful historical events. Being in the gorgeous castles and hearing the tales of William Wallace and Robert the Bruce really brought life to those stories that interest me so much. It was such a dream of mine to visit the land of rolling hills, whisky tours, and castles for days, and I'm so glad I got the chance to go. My husband and I booked the trip through a company called Contiki which takes all the guesswork out of planning a tour, and we were able to see things like St. Andrew’s golf course and even get on a boat in Loch Ness to look for the Lochness Monster! Scotland was an absolutely gorgeous place, but definitely colder than I expected in September, I even got sick as soon as I arrived LOL. So pro tip for whoever wants to travel to Scotland, bring a sweater, bring two, and PACK A JACKET!!!


I have been so lucky to travel to Italy 4 or 5 times in my life, as my mother’s whole family lives there, but each time that I have gone, my parents and I rented a van and visited somewhere new! I am so grateful to my parents for taking me to see where they were born and raised, but also for allowing me such a beautiful experience of seeing such a magical country top to bottom. The last time I went, I was able to go with my husband as well as my parents, and it was so incredible to watch someone experience something so wonderful for the first time, the joy in his eye throughout the whole trip was something I will cherish forever. Where I love history and revel in the architecture of historical structures, my husband basks in the culture and the food of a place, for him the trip was the “food tour of Italy” LOL! It was like traveling with a Food Network star, as he wanted to stop and try everything!

St. Lucia

My husband and I chose to go to St. Lucia on our honeymoon, and it was a stunning place. We opted to stay on a resort, and we quickly learned that we are not “resort people”. As beautiful as the place was, there wasn’t much to do on the resort itself, but we soaked up the sun, made friends, and made sure to have fun regardless. The thing that stuck out the most for me from this trip, was the off resort excursions as well as the striking beauty of the island. If we get the chance to go another time, we would definitely just rent a house on the island and do our own thing. The things I loved most about this particular trip is that we were able to to try many local hot sauces, and have a mud bath next to a volcano and waterfall!

All of these trips were pre-baby, so I'm curious to see how we will manage our travels as a trio in the future. There are so many more places I want to see, I would love to go to Japan, Hawaii, or just go back to Italy, there are even places within Canada I would love to travel to, like PEI or Vancouver. And hopefully soon we will be able to freely travel again and see the beautiful places this world has to offer.

What places have you been to that have made an impact on your life?

Where do you want to go when you get the chance?

If you liked this blog post which was more of a picture book, let me know, I would love to share more of this style!

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