Nonna's Road Trip Tips!

What are your plans for the upcoming spring and summer seasons?

Any travel plans?

During these crazy times, people are not really travelling by plane, if at all, but many people are considering short road trips as a way to get out of the house with the family and see some sights near their homes.

Some options are renting an RV and going to a campsite, driving to a cottage, or some good old fashioned camping in the woods!

If you are one of these people looking to take a short trip, here are some tips or suggestions to help you navigate your travels!

1. Research your country and city pandemic restrictions. When travelling during this new normal, it’s important to consider any regulations each town and city is enforcing, and be mindful of abiding by the restrictions. To keep your family safe, of course, but also to avoid any unnecessary hefty fines.

2. If you’re more of a free spirit and you don’t want to have a specific destination in mind, then plan for some cool stops along the way. Look up cool landmarks in the small towns and cities nearby and stop for photos.

3. Probably one of the most often forgotten things to pack, and possibly the most important, is water! On a longer drive, you never know when the next coffee shop will turn up. So make sure you pack a case of water in the trunk of the car for all your thirst needs! And while you’re at it, pack some granola bars and sandwiches too!

4. Don’t forget your phone charger or an external battery pack, these days travelling without phone maps is almost impossible, so making sure your phone is charged enough to get you back home is imperative.

5. If you’re planning on taking a long drive, bring some games for fun on-the-road entertainment! Consider word games or simple games that the driver can also play safely while driving. Or make sure you have an awesome driving playlist that everyone can sing along with!

6. If you are considering a longer drive, make a plan to take turns driving, and if that’s not possible, plan for frequent stops. This will help with driver safety, and fun sightseeing opportunities!

7. These days it’s important to remember to pack a few extra face masks, and of course don’t forget your Nonna’s Bag Emergency Kit, which comes with extra medicine, an external phone charger, and a backup facemask in case you forget one, or if yours gets dirty.

No matter how you travel, always remember to keep personal safety and community guidelines and restrictions in mind. Be safe and have fun on your trip!!!

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