Spooky Season is Here!

September is upon us which, in Canada, means fall is fast approaching. I’m sure many of your friends are already excited about pumpkins and sweaters...while the rest of us are hoping summer never ends.

I love summer time, I thrive in the heat, the hotter the better. But I can’t deny that I love the good basic bitch guilty pleasure of a good pumpkin spice latte!

Who’s with me?!

Although I don’t love fall weather, I enjoy the fall aesthetic of the leaves turning beautiful autumnal tones of red and orange, pumpkins, and my personal favourite, Halloween! I normally spend months planning my Halloween costumes, usually building them myself, and this year I’m a little behind on my costume plans because it has been a whirlwind of a year; but since it’s my daughter’s first Halloween I’m excited for her first costume! Not sure what it will be yet though, let me know if you have any ideas! We have less than 60 days to go you know! LOL

When decorating for fall, it’s important to consider a few things, do you prefer a spooky look? Or a simple fall/thanksgiving vibe? I personally love a mix of both, I start with small pumpkins and gourds, and as the month progresses, I continue adding spooky things until Halloween day! This was my set up for my coffee table a couple of years back.

But the one thing I love using the most in my fall décor, is: PUMPKINS! Real, foam, or plastic, different gourds of all sizes! I even love jars and vases shaped like pumpkins! I love pumpkins because they can transform from classic to spooky with just a few additions or a little paint in just a couple of hours.

One of the most adorable things I have seen in recent years are plastic or foam pumpkins that are hand painted or have your family name printed on them. It’s such a beautiful touch on the porch, and it’s a lot less wasteful than carving a pumpkin, even though that’s fun too!

There are so many ways to decorate and enjoy the Fall, and it's all about creating memories for years to come. Remember, even if Halloween and Thanksgiving have been a little different than you remember them to be, you can still decorate and celebrate! Be safe, be kind, and have fun!

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