The First 7 Things to Consider When Planning a Wedding!

You’re engaged! Congratulations! … Now what?

People are probably asking you so many questions: “When’s the date?” “Have you picked a venue?” “Do you want my cousin’s number, he’s a photographer?”

Do you have the answer to all of these questions? Do you have the answer to any of them? LOL.

Have no fear Nonna is here! With a short list of the most important vendors you should consider researching or booking when you begin the first planning phase of the wedding process. Of course, these are the things you should start looking at after you’ve already considered your budget, your theme, and your preferred wedding date (PRO TIP: have a few dates prepared as back up, just in case the venues you choose are already booked for your preferred date!)

1. Wedding Planner or Wedding Coordinator: planning a wedding can be extremely overwhelming, and if you are planning on hosting a large event, or if you would prefer having some extra help organizing vendors, a wedding planner is where to start. Looking up local wedding planners and interviewing them is a good starting point, being sure to ask questions about budget, vendors they recommend, and request references from them that you can contact. Above all, the relationship you will have with your wedding planner will need to be strong, so make sure you get along! This is supposed to be a joyous occasion, so they should be excited and happy for you and your future spouse!

2. Venue or party location: location is one of the biggest things to consider! Do you want an indoor or outdoor space (does the climate in your area even permit for an outdoor event?). Be sure to ask if they serve food, and if they don’t, start searching for a highly recommended caterer.

3. Religious venue like a Church or Mosque, if applicable, or Officiant: you’ll want to make sure that the date you pick is available for both the party venue and the ceremony component, so choosing this portion early enough is important so you’ll be able to secure your preferred date.

4. Entertainment: do you have your heart set on having a band? Decide on whether or not you want a musical component to your wedding, and start looking up and contacting bands and DJs; or maybe you would favour a different type of performer-like a dance duo or a violinist? When my husband and I got married, music was incredibly important to us, and the 8 piece band we hired was one of the most expensive parts of our expenditures, but we were so happy with the outcome, and it was worth every penny!

5. Photographer: if photos are something that’s important to you, it’s imperative that you begin your search early. As finding a photographer you like that meets your needs and your budget can take quite some time. Follow some local photographers on Instagram and really look at the aesthetic of their page to see what you really prefer. Maybe even book an engagement photo shoot to see if you like working with that particular photographer.

6. Décor and floral: based on what you choose as a theme, décor may be quite simple and understated or bold and extravagant. This is an area that can become quite costly if you’re not careful, as small things can start to add up really quickly. So it’s important to make your budget really clear to your decorator or florist so they can stick to it all while making your dreams a reality. For my wedding, I didn’t have any flowers, and I kept my décor very simple because the venue I chose was quite beautiful, and didn’t need much extra sprucing. But your venue may be a blank slate and you might want to add some extra touches to transform the place, so be sure to find a decorator that understands your vision!

7. Outfits: depending on where you go to purchase your garments, it can sometimes take months for items to come in from other countries and then even longer if you need to get them altered. Or if you opt to get things custom made, it can take quite some time to find a designer and then get the outfit made. What someone chooses to wear on their wedding day is so special, so taking time early on to decide can help ease stress later on in the planning process. (PRO TIP: make sure to leave enough time to get things altered twice, in case you lose or gain weight or if something goes wrong.)

Some other important things to consider in this Covid day-and-age, are plans for adjusting to virtual weddings, or planning for changes, like modifying guest lists and preparing for any lockdowns or government-imposed health safety restrictions. Be sure to ask all your vendors what Covid-protocols they have in place, and what options you have if you need to postpone your wedding.

Last but not least, an event emergency kit is another vital piece of your wedding day, whether it’s a big or small event, Nonna’s Bag wants to be there for you!

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