The Top 7 Best Bridal Party Gifts!

Gifts Your Wedding Party Will Love!!!

Congrats! You found your soulmate! You’ve decided to get married! You’ve chosen your Bridesmaids or Wedding Party! How Exciting! But now… you have to decide on how to ask them to be part of your special day or what gift to buy them for agreeing!!!

That is quite stressful, as there are so many things to consider, what are your friends or family members like? Are they sports fans? Are they the mellow and relaxed type? Are they the get drunk at brunch type of group?

Also to consider, what is the theme or colour scheme of your wedding? Do you want your gift or wedding party proposal item to reflect that theme? Of course, there are so many options depending on how you decide to approach this hurdle in the wedding planning journey.

In the past 3 years I have been a part of at least 7 wedding parties (not counting my own wedding, and I’m fairly certain I’m forgetting a few to be honest LOL). So I have compiled a list of the wedding party gifts I’ve received over the past few years and the ones I have found my friends gravitating towards for their own weddings. This may help you narrow down some of the options you have been considering!

1. Bracelets or Jewelry: this is a classic gift, perfect for couples who want their bridal party to wear a specific jewelry item on the day of the wedding, but feel bad asking the wedding party to purchase it out of pocket. Bridesmaid dresses, suits, and hair and make-up can cost quite a bit, so having earrings, a watch, or cufflinks already picked out for you and paid for are quite a bonus for a Bridesmaid or Groomsman! And on the plus side, you can always re-wear a piece of jewelry for another event!

2. Robes: these can be really pretty, especially for photos during the "getting ready period" on the day of the wedding! It’s nice for having all your girls in matching robes drinking champagne or sparkling wine in the morning, the only downside is once the photos are done, they usually get tossed to the side and not generally re-worn, but for themed photos, they do work perfectly. One popular alternative is silk pyjamas, which are just as adorable for photos, and have a higher chance of getting re-worn by Bridesmaids.

3. Flats/Flip Flops: these are a great option for those Bridesmaids who opt to wear heels, so they can switch shoes for dancing and still enjoy the party, without having to be barefoot. They can also match the outfit colour chosen and still be cute for any candid photos at the end of the night when people have had an extra glass of something.

4. Gift Boxes: these have been so popular over the past couple of years, and a lot of times they can be customized to fit your style, your friends’ personalities, and your wedding theme! I have seen and received boxes with champagne flutes and mini champagne bottles or mini wine bottles and monogrammed stemless wine glasses. These boxes can even be geared toward skin care or body care items (like chapsticks, candles, body scrubs, and bath bombs), as well as Bachelor/Bachelorette party items (like a shot glass, matching t-shirts with funny slogans, and funny phallic items). The great thing about the boxes is that you can get as creative, or specific, as you like, the downside is that they can start to get costly if you get a little too excited. But reaching out to a custom box company and setting a budget from the beginning can help keep you on track!

Example photos of a Bridesmaid box are courtesy of @alittlesomethingg_ on instagram (which is a great company to use if you're in the GTA area.)

5. Ring Dish or Jewelry Dish: this is a great choice for something simple and universal for any wedding party member, because everyone needs a catch-all dish for a bathroom or front hallway!

6. Personalized/Monogrammed Purses, Bags, or Flasks: these have become so popular in the past few years, and they can be reusable for many different events. It's always great to have an extra little travel toiletry bag with your name on it!!!

7. Day of Wedding Emergency Kits/Hangover Bags: these are great to give to each individual wedding party member, and I’m not just saying that because I sell them on of course! These are helpful to bring on a Bachelor/Bachelorette party weekend, or for the day of the event itself! They can be there to help cure a hangover, heal a blister on your foot, or charge your phone, among other great tools to help solve an event emergency, without worrying about having to gather these items individually yourself!

These are the top wedding party gifts or bridal party proposal items that I have either received or seen most frequently online, and they’re all really sweet gestures to thank a wedding party for standing next to you on the day you marry your soulmate!

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