Top 6 Wedding Trends for 2021!

Wedding planning in the past year has been almost impossible for couples and wedding planners, as booking things in advance has proven to be quite complicated during these difficult times.

Many couples have had to postpone their nuptials or change aspects of their wedding in some way or another because of lockdowns or rule changes within their cities.

But it’s important to remember that love is not cancelled, and getting excited for your wedding is still okay and encouraged, especially now that we’re starting to see a light at the end of the tunnel!

Here’s a list of the hottest wedding trends that Nonna believes will be popular in summer 2021!

Of course, always be mindful of your city’s rules and guidelines, or the rules of where you intend on getting married, before planning anything, and keep track of the ever changing pandemic guidelines.

1. Care Packages/Safety Bin Being careful and safe is all the rage these days, so having some extra face masks and hand sanitizer in a bin for guests is an ideal way to ensure safety for your guests. Some couples are even opting to create or purchase curated kits for each guest filled with items like hand sanitizer, hand wipes, and other care items. A cute idea would be to get these personalized as a memory token from your wedding. Care Kits are available in our shop section of the Nonna’s Bag website, and deals are always available for bulk ordering!

2. Smaller Guest List Depending on where you live, certain pandemic rules that limit the number of people gathering may apply, so couples are opting for smaller weddings to avoid having to uninvite people when rules change abruptly. Also planning for more intimate table seating is a great way to ensure separation between tables. I remember attending events where 10-12 people per table was the norm, but now having small groups of 2-4 people per table is the norm, and quite chic, I must admit. Of course, this does change the dynamic of the event, from a traditional party to feeling more like a dinner party or cocktail party, and I’m not mad about it!

3. Florals and Bold Décor With people planning smaller events, it allows for a bigger budget on things other than food and venue, and money can be spent on big ticket items like décor and florals. Large balloon arches and grand floral arrangements are becoming a staple for weddings and other events alike. A floral wall can make a huge statement and acts as a beautiful backdrop for your all your photos.

4. Outdoor Weddings With indoor events being limited, many people are considering garden wedding and outdoor events; this can allow for a larger group of guests, if that’s something that is important to you, and it is also very beautiful if you’re lucky enough to get a sunny day! Planning for an outdoor event, and living in Canada means being prepared for any and all of the elements, so having a tent as a backup plan is imperative to planning an outdoor wedding. PRO TIP: Look in to ordering heaters and having a plan for mosquitoes!!!

5. Prepackaged Foods If you’re choosing a venue that doesn’t prepare food, but you still want to have food served to your guests, a popular trend for 2021 is ordering prepackaged foods, such as a box per guest filled with all the food they would eat for the event. Other ideas for exciting food alternatives would be to order a food truck, or several, with different options for guests; or getting a variety of mini appetizers as the main course rather than a plate of steak and potatoes. These options allow for safe eating for all guests, all while being a fun way to serve food.

6. Entertainment Depending on where you live, planning for entertainment can be quite tricky, especially since dancing may still not be allowed in certain regions, so people are getting creative and looking into other options, things like live bands, flair bartenders, and performers are a popular option for 2021. Having something entertaining for you and your guests will spruce up your wedding and can make for a really memorable event!

These are the top 6 popular wedding trends that Nonna foresees for this upcoming wedding season, make sure to always research your city guidelines and don’t be afraid to reach out to wedding planners and coordinators in your area for advice and recommendations for vendors!

Happy planning!!!

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