Wedding Emergency Storytime!

Storytime!!! My husband and I got married four years ago, in 2016 (which, sidenote seems like yesterday and forever ago all at the same time…time flies I tell you). It was a beautiful day in May, the hottest day of the year actually, and funniest part is we chose May so it wouldn’t be as hot as July or August, but that’s life for you.

We had an awesome day though, everything went pretty much as planned, we had an amazing band, the food was great, and the people surrounding us were ready to party like we were. Of course, there are always a few things that go awry on any wedding, some issues are bigger than others, and we were glad to have had only minor hiccups.

There’s a few things you should know about me first. I love being prepared! I love thinking of every possible scenario that could go wrong and having a plan to thwart it. I’m realistic, of course, I know you can’t prepare for EVERY situation, but I go out of my way to be ready for as many little issues as I can! That’s why I created Nonna’s Bag after all, to be ready for every little emergency!

So for my wedding, OF COURSE, I was going to have an emergency kit… and I needed it to be THE emergency kit! I wanted it to have everything, even things that are extreme, like garlic to fight off Dracula… okay I’m kidding about that one… but you get my point!!! I stocked this kit, so much so that it required a small carry-on luggage to hold all the items.

Funny thing about that kit… I took it with me to all my friends’ weddings and it came in super useful, but of course, at my wedding, after lugging it around all day, we only required one item out of the whole kit. Naturally I’m very happy we only had minor hiccups and required only the one item, but I was still glad to have it with me just in case.

Anyway, right before the reception was about to start, I was presented with a groomsman missing a button in the middle of his shirt, a flower girl who had ripped through a layer of her tulle dress, and a friend who had busted the zipper of her gown! So … what did I do? I grab my sewing kit!!! There I was in my wedding dress re-attaching the groomsman’s button (and pro-tip for you: most dress shirts have an extra button sewn on the bottom of the shirt-on the inside where you would tuck it in, or inside the arm cuffs, and they’re meant for you to cut off and use in place of a lost button!!!); I stitched up the ripped layer of the Flower Girl’s tulle dress and ended up completely cutting off one other ripped area, which wasn’t noticeable since she had many layers; and sewed my friend back into her dress (so well that she had to cut herself out of it at the end of the night LOL)!!!

Since it doesn’t sound believable, here’s photo proof of me fixing the flower girl's dress (my beautiful niece)!

All in all, we had a great time at our wedding, and came out with some funny stories to take with us and share with others for years to come! What funny stories or mishap stories do you have from your own weddings, or large events you’ve planned? I would love to read them!

Do you need a emergency kit for a wedding or event? Hangover Remedy kits for a fun party you’re planning? Make sure to check the rest of the website for access to our bags and kits. Also follow NonnasBag on facebook and Instagram to find deals and promo codes!

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